For Sale By Owner- Seller Beware

Posted by Maria Kauffman on Monday, February 10th, 2020 at 11:16am.

“Anything can sell in this market, I can just do it myself, I don’t need a Realtor.” This is a common thing we hear, and honestly I don’t usually fight too hard against Sellers that want to go at it themselves. If they’ve made up their mind, then that is what they are going to do. But be aware of the reasons why this might not be the best idea.

Listing a home is A LOT of work, and like anything where big money, time and risks are involved it is always best to hire a professional, not only for ease and experience, but to maximize profits.

Reasons to hire a Realtor, more specifically, Steve Volkers Group

  • We open your property up to a bigger market than Zillow or other online sites alone provide. We know the most active and successful buyers agents in the area, as well as how to reach the right buyers. Other agents trust that we will provide commission and not steal their buyers, this is a major concern of agents showing FSBO. Agents WANT to show and share the homes we list to their buyers.

It’s simple marketing math, the more targeted eyeballs that see your listing garners the largest number of interested buyers, which then produces the best results.

  • Homes that are sold by agents usually sell faster and for more money, I could reference several article links. JGI (Just Google It)
  • Having a listing agent that knows how to negotiate on your behalf is priceless. This is usually where the "FSBO don't sell for as high" part comes in. While you may receive an offer, the other agent might play it to his/her advantage that you are not an Realtor and negotiate hard on the inspections and appraisal thereby closing at a purchase price not anticipated.
  • Surprises can happen and I am always grateful that we have broker support. As a brokerage we hold Errors & Ommissions insurance which helps protect our brokerage and clients. I've had several clients rely on our broker for help on EMD, contract disputes and other issues that have arisen. If you don’t have this support you would likely get a Real Estate Attorney involved, which isn’t cheap.
  • Paperwork: We guide you through all of the necessary paperwork that comes with the transaction. Do you know and have access to all of the up-to-date forms qualified buyers are used to getting as part of a sale?
  • Ease of showings, and just general showing headaches. With our technology we can easily schedule showings with licensed buyer agents so you don't have to worry about scheduling, handing over keys, follow-up, etc.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Marketing

Quality and experienced marketing is key. Again, here is the simple equation. Put your best foot forward, in front of the largest number of targeted buyers from the beginning. This equals the best results.

Have you ever been looking at a house and saw the reflection of the person taking the photo in a mirror? Or the pictures are dark, or someone didn’t make the bed. The home could have solid bones, but buyers don’t bother because it wasn’t marketed right from the beginning. How about the right strategy for describing your property? An experienced Realtor knows the best way to sell through words. We also know the things you can’t or shouldn’t say that could make a Seller liable.

Pricing matters too. As Realtors not only do we have access to our MLS with accurate and vast data, but we are also in the market showing and selling every day. We have a great pulse on market rate and selling strategy.

PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD. It is nearly impossible to go up in list price. If you don’t start the listing off as best as possible you will likely start to lower price to get attention.

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