How to Sell Your Open House: Before, During & After

Listen, open houses are important – but only if they are done correctly. Not every open house is the same – even in this seller’s market. Our team believes open houses are an important tool in selling your home. We’ve sold many houses AT the actual open house. It’s all in how you market the open house, work the open house and follow up afterward. That’s what sets our team apart and why we’ve made open houses successful. (Not to mention fun!)

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into an open house and what difference they make, here’s a little insight with the “Open House How-to”.

How-to: Before

Marketing, marketing, marketing! I don’t just mean Facebook and MLS, but is your agent sending invitations to other agents? In our network it’s important to broadcast open houses since other agents may have buyers in the area that you’re selling. Our team is also pushing our open houses to our internal groups of buyers.

In regards to content marketing, we showcase the things a buyer would want to see in person and not just through photos. What would entice someone to come see your home? Is it the “spacious backyard you have to see in person to appreciate”? We call it show AND tell!

It’s also key to market to your neighborhood. Who doesn’t want their best friend to move next door? So we make sure our “Open House” sign riders are up days before the event.

How-to: During

Open houses are like a housewarming party every time. We want each visitor to feel welcomed and invited so that they can picture themselves there doing the same thing. We make it a point to greet every person at the door, shake their hand and ask their name. Give them a guided tour that provides more knowledge than they would see on the MLS sheet. It’s kind of like a Behind-The-Scenes, VIP experience.

We ask them questions, specifically if they are buying or selling. We find out what they like and dislike about the home. We learn about them as an individual so that we can better understand what they’re looking for. And we smile- it’s our favorite.

Because of our seller’s safety and security is our top priority, we make sure to track all open house visitors by asking for contact information and how they heard about the property. Some of the information we gather is shared with our sellers, which brings me to…

How-to: After

We make sure to follow up with each person who visited the open house, including agents, first thing Monday morning. We always thank them for attending and ask if they have any questions or if they’re considering an offer. But the main thing we do is compile information so that we can send our sellers an informed recap. This will include any feedback we received, how many people we saw come through, if there was any serious interest and, of course, if it sold! (Although, you’ll know about that immediately so no surprises there!)

The most important thing to realize is that Open Houses are really a great tool for selling a home. It’s like going to see your favorite band perform live. Or check out an art exhibit. When you open your home up to potential buyers, you’re opening yourself up to a successful sale!

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