What the heck are you doing Steve? (FAQ)

So, I have been getting this question a ton over the last 30 days!  Here are the top questions and I hope to provide answers if you wondered. 


Are you selling or just being a broker?

This is the biggest one that seems to be throwing people off. Yes, and Yes! I am actively selling real estate as a Realtor® as well as being the broker of Steve Volkers Group. Throughout my career, I have continued to help people buy and sell homes and condos, but I think the world has a tendency to put you into one box rather than recognizing that you do more than one thing. So, yes I buy and sell homes like any normal Realtor®... but more fun and in my own style. 


What brokerage did you change to?

I started my own independent brokerage utilizing the Steve Volkers Group brand that I have built over the last four years. I didn’t want to leave the company I was with just to go to another brokerage. Instead, I wanted to honor the company that had employed me for the last four years instead of just switching to a new brokerage. So, I started my own independent brokerage for our clients, for myself and for our current and future Realtors®.


Why “Steve Volkers Group” and not a new name?

I felt like in the world we live in people want more and more to be connected to the human behind a brand. They want to know that there is a person that they can connect with and is accountable. We use my name because I stand behind each and every one of our agents and staff members to provide the best possible service to our clients


Is Steve Volkers Group just your team?

With the change from being a real estate team to a brokerage while keeping the brand, it can be easy to still think of us as “Steve’s” team. When, in fact, Steve Volkers Group is a full-service real estate brokerage. Agents choose Steve Volkers Group because they want something different than what they have had in the past. We are a group of agents dedicated to helping buyers and sellers through the real estate transaction process.


Why would a client choose to hire you over a big brokerage agent/team?

I love this question! I believe that I have the optimum balance of experience, having sold hundreds of homes over my career, with an innovative approach to marketing. A big brokerage can get stuck in their typical ways of marketing a home. I love thinking about and creating new opportunities for my clients to market their homes and being a smaller brokerage makes this much, much easier.


Are you helping buyers and sellers?

Yes, I, and the brokerage, work with both buyers and sellers, and we’re always happy to receive referrals for either :) We have worked with everyone from first-time homebuyers to the “old pros” who have bought and sold multiple homes. We look forward to seeing where our clients take us in 2020 and beyond.


Will you help coach or consult on a project?

I have been asked by a number of brokers throughout the US and Canada if I am open to consulting. The answer is yes. However, I am picky about the projects that I would take on or speaking engagements that I am being asked about. I love team, team building and helping others grow. As long as I can still enjoy selling, I am always open to a conversation.



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