Area Communities & GR Neighborhoods

Alger Heights

Alger Heights is a small neighborhood of Grand Rapids, defined by the boundaries of Burton Street to the North, Kalam…

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Auburn Hills

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Belknap Lookout

Belknap Lookout neighborhood, established in 1926, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a “treehouse” neighborhood feel as …

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Creston neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a population size of just over 24,000 and is where the city meets …

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Grand Rapids is Michigan's second-largest city and Downtown GR is home to a multitude of entertainment venues, museum…

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East Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids is a neighboring municipality known for its gaslight district and quaint small-town feel. Full of s…

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Heartside is a neighborhood that borders downtown Grand Rapids. Originally a marshy area near the Grand River the Hea…

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Heritage Hill

Just a short walk from Downtown Grand Rapids, Heritage Hill is one of the nation's top areas for historic homes. With…

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Highland Park

Highland Park neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a population size of just over 3,400. With a small-town fee…

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John Ball Park

With a mixture of downtown and suburbs, John Ball Park is an active community where you will see lots of walking and …

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Madison Area

Madison Area in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a dense suburban feel. With a population size of just over 4,200 people, …

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Medical Mile

Medical Mile is a designated area within the city of Grand Rapids that borders Michigan Street. Beginning with the of…

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Michigan Oaks

Michigan Oaks neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a population size of 2,000 with a sidewalk-waving neighborho…

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The Midtown neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a population size of about 4,000 and is primarily a residentia…

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Millbrook neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a population size of just over 5,600 and offers its residents pe…

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North Quarter

Home to the nation's hottest zip code, the city's largest park and the tiniest burger joint the North Quarter.

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Ridgemoor neighborhood boasts a population size of just over 2,900 and offers a mix of urban-suburban feel with beaut…

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North East Citizens Action

Always growing. Always beautiful. Always new. North East Citizens Action neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan …

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Southtown is another area of GR that encompasses multiple business districts including, Alger Heights, Boston Square,…

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South Hills

South Hills neighborhood has a population size of just under 1,000, and is the smallest community in Grand Rapids, Mi…

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South West Area Neighbors (SWAN) has a population size of just under 6,000 and is walkable to Downtown Grand Rapids w…

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Uptown is comprised of a few business districts as well as distinct neighborhoods. With its eclectic mix of retail sh…

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West Grand

West Grand neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers its residents a dense suburban feel as a great place to live…

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West Side

As westsiders will say..."The West Side is the Best Side". Grand Rapids West Side has seen a huge amount of redevelop…

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Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in Michigan and the largest city in West Michigan and located on the banks of…

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Ada Township is a General Law Township within Kent County, Michigan, United States. Starting with a fur trading post …

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