As the snow starts to melt and we see the sidewalks again, we are reminded that Spring is fast upon us. Whether you are  xing up your home to sell, or just looking to refresh your home for this upcoming Spring, now is the best time to tackle some easy and inexpensive DIY projects on your to-do list. Here are our top ten easy home improvements that can both “up” your curb appeal and refresh your interior design for under $100!

1.) Build a Fire Pit: Do you have some extra bricks from a previous home update? Maybe you’re looking to make your back yard the perfect place for friends and family to hang out? Then consider creating an easy brick fire pit. No mortar or concrete needed, but with a simple arrangement of bricks, your fire pit will be up and running in no time at all.

2.) Update or Replace your Mailbox: You pass by your mailbox every day, but probably don’t pay much attention to its appearance or age. A lot of homes have similar looking “cookie-cutter” mailboxes, but by spending a little money and TLC you can purchase a brand new mailbox to set your house apart, and if you are feeling creative it is easy to find a plethora of easy to follow designs online to build your own custom mailbox.

3.) Refresh your Exterior Plants: Update your exterior with new plants surrounding your property. When all of the snow melts and the sun shines through the spring season, would you rather your house blend in with your block— or stand out above the rest? Planting exterior plants and

4.) Swap Out Old Outlet Covers: We all have a few outlet covers that have cracked and weathered throughout the years. This is another inexpensive change that can sharpen the interior look of your home with low maintenance. Simply by unscrewing your current outlet covers and installing new ones, you can safeguard the look and upkeep of your home for years to come. Pro Tip: Consider installing light switch covers with adjustable brightness or with available USB charging ports.

5.) Sand and Stain your Kitchen Cabinets: Someone wise once said, “the kitchen is the heart of a home.” If you in agreement and ascribe to this notion, then consider some major “open heart surgery” to improve the aesthetic of your home. Sanding and staining your kitchen cabinets takes more effort than you would think, but changing the look of your cabinets can update the look of your kitchen for the better. This kitchen update will cost no more than the price of sandpaper and the choice of your favorite stain, but noting that kitchen updates occur only once every 1 to 2 decades, this project can be much needed.

6.) Upgrade your Front Door Handle: Doors rarely change from year to year, but an outdated front door handle can immediately pre-date a house. Running parallel with the mindset of replacing your mailbox, the appearance of a door handle that properly represents your home can make for a great first impression for visitors. Stop relying on the same door handle from the 1970s and bring your door into the current era; the best part is that the actual installation process will only take a few minutes.

7.) Replace your Showerheads: Have you ever had an issue with your showerhead? Maybe drips uncontrollably? Or maybe water pressure is severely lacking? Instead of attempting to remedy the problem with an unhealthy mix of chemicals and frustration, consider purchasing a new showerhead outright. A trip to the hardware store will leave you surprised at the quality and reasonable price to replace. Modern showerheads offer a variety of options and water-efficient models, which will not only make for better showers, but you will most likely start saving a few dollars on your water bill too.

8.) Paint a room: Simple enough, but with a trip to your local hardware store and $100 in hand, you can easily bring new life to an old room in your house. Required materials include: paint of your choosing, a paintbrush, painters’ tape, a drip pan, and a paint roller.

9.) Modernize your Home Address Numbers: Looking to “up” your curb appeal with simplicity in mind? Remove the outdated address numbers on the front of your home and replace it with modern fonts. A drill and a screwdriver are all you will need for this update, and with all of the modern fonts available, this is a turn-key solution to upscaling your home with the minimally required effort.

10.) Build a Simple Headboard: Headboards are a simple addition that will help complete the look of your master bedroom. A simple Google or Pinterest search will reveal a multitude of different design ideas. Some possible materials could include; wood from pallets, fabric which matches your current comforter, or add a studded trim. This project is ideal for creatives in mind, and the internet is a great resource for additional project ideas. There are plenty of inexpensive and simple projects that will have a positive impact on the look, feel, and improvement of your home. Whether you are fixing-up your home to sell or you are searching for your next dream home contact our team today to learn more about the real estate process and to view our available properties.

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