If you’re a resident of Grand Rapids, you know you’ve got plenty of reasons to smile. Our city has been the subject of a lot of media buzz over the years after all – seems like every time we turn around, we’ve  made it into another national Top Ten list of awesomeness.

There have been SO so many Grand Rapids recognitions as of late, in fact, that we found ourselves beginning to lose track of them all. So we decided to put together our very own ‘Top Ten’ list of Grand Rapids awesomeness, and we do hereby present to you the …

Top 10 Grand Rapids ‘TOP TEN’ National List Placements!

1. Grand Rapids #2 for ‘Top U.S. Cities’ (RelocateAmerica – 2011) – Study was based on local residential real estate markets and economies, safety/security, cultural…

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Seasonal Temperature Shifts Following Brutal Winter Makes for Noisy Houses

The calendar may tell us that springtime is nigh, but for residents throughout Michigan, below-average temperatures and winter-like weather continues to blow through our cities and towns.

At the same time, fleeting hints of the coming spring make themselves evident every now and again. It’s the time of year when a day of snow squalls and howling winds can be followed by one of sunshine and mild breezes. But once the sun goes down, the air turns frigid again … and that’s when your house might have some serious talking back to do.

We’re talkin’ bangs and pops that go beyond the usual creaky floors. Bumps and thumps from within the walls that residents have compared to…

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