A few weeks ago, my grumpy old cat Gus got out of the backyard and went on a near weeklong adventure. For some people this might not be a big concern but for me it meant every day and night we were on the hunt for Gus considering he’s 16 years old, very small, declawed in the front and deaf. While it may not seem like a cat going missing in a neighborhood has a lot to do with real estate there were quite a few correlations came to mind over the week. 

First, I made the mistake at first of relying on technology with things like his microchip, Facebook posts and nextdoor neighborhood groups. I suppose this might be something that for sale by owners might think as well, such as relying on Zillow and social media to get the word out about their houses.…

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We're guessing you didn't realize that we're matchmakers here at Steve Volkers Group, real estate matchmakers! 

We've got buyers who are currently looking for homes that, in this extremely tight market, can't seem to find the home they've been seeking. So we're reaching out to those of you that may be on the fence about listing your home. Whether it's because you don't want a bunch of people walking through your home during the current pandemic or listing your home on the market just seems too overwhelming we can help! So if you or anyone you know has been considering a move but just aren't sure about listing on the MLS take a look below and see if we have a client looking for your home.


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