While masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing make home showings significantly safer, you may still have concerns about groups of potential buyers traversing through your home. Before you call off the staging company, consider that many home buyers are still exploring homes virtually in this “new normal.”

Every staging best practice pre-quarantine still applies— If anything, in this new normal, greater attention to detail should be taken when preparing your home for virtual tours.

Here’s how you can impress buyers from a distance:

1.    Lighting, Lighting, Lighting: If you’ve used Zoom lately for business meetings, you have a basic understanding of how important lighting is. Open shades and turn on as many lights in your home during…

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Both images above capture a moment in time during my week last week. The image on the left? Me, dropping off an extension ladder to a home so the buyers could do some exterior painting before winter hits. The other? Batteries for a garage furnace, to remedy an inspection report note and ensure my clients are safe. Both tasks are a reminder of where I came from, and how the little touches in service truly matter. 

Sometimes, it can be easy to become full of ourselves, especially during busy seasons and there are lots of deals coming in. Something that will also humble me is my upbringing. I started off as a painter, working for someone who told me, "The only thing that will make you money is your hands." Instead of listening to this limiting…

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